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Religion, Politics & Society • May 19 - July 8, 2007
Lake Arrowhead Gallery & Museum of Art
May 19 - July 8, 2007
28561 Hwy 18 • Willow Woods Art Colony
Sky Forest, CA, 92385
Paul Batou and John Paul Thornton
Participating Artists
Jasmine Helm & Sue Klump
Claude Robert
Gallery View
Paul Batou
Paul Batou's Poetry Book
Lisa Cook's Plastic Surgery Exhibit
Paul Batou , Dolores Guerrero and Colleen Kindlon
David Ross, Victoria LaVers, Sue Klump, and Wilma Van Mierlo
Mark Vallen
Claude Robert
Cuban Pastries
Cuban Pastries
Sue Klump and Graeme Gale
Commie Cupcakes
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