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M.Guadalupe Art
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Maria Britzman is a California grown artist who found her love of art at a very
young age. She pursued this interest in high school taking art classes each year,
but after high school she took time off to raise a family.
Children grown, she began a career in the business world as a bookeeper. She
ended this career in 2004 and decided to take up where she left off and followed
her love of art and illustration.
She now spends her spare time drawing, painting and taking art classes.
Maria’s formal art training includes; life drawing, two dimensional design,
photography airbrush, printmaking, silk screening and sculpture. She also studied
architectural rendering including axonometric, bird’s eye perspective, worm’s
eye, 1& 2 point perspective drawing and oil painting. Mediums she has taught to
herself are; color pencil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, graphite, Graphicolor
pencils and water soluble color pencils.